Natural Nutrition

You are what you eat and absorb.  Good nutrition and a diet that is appropriate for each individual plays a significant role towards good health, greater vitality and a more robust immune system.  There are numerous approaches to nutrition and a lot of confusing information in the media, but we are all unique with our own individual needs so there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to diet.  What is common to us all is that our bodies have a natural ‘blueprint’ detoxify, repair and heal when given the right conditions, including eating the right foods.

An important focus in natural nutrition is to identify the foods that the body needs and those which are causing a problem (which may only be a temporary problem), this maximises the body’s capacity to heal.  My approach to nutrition is very much influenced by naturopathy.

When working with food therapeutically it is important to look both at what we are putting into our bodies, how well we are absorbing the nutrients from our food and also the elimination of toxicity.  Detoxification is an important part of the healing process and I often recommend simple naturopathic techniques that can be done at home to support this process.

I practice a back to basics approach and believe that properly prepared, natural, organic, seasonal whole foods are essential for health.  The advantage of using bio-energetic testing (Qest4 or Rayonex Polar 1000 machines) means it is possible to gain accurate information as to an individuals needs and nutritional requirements –  any guess work is taken out the equation completely.