Kinesiology in Bristol & Bath

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a complimentary health therapy that uses gentle muscle testing to help identify imbalances in the body.  Each muscle corresponds to a specific organ and meridian (energy pathway) in the body. It is a holistic therapy that takes into account all elements that may be contributing to an imbalance.It uses lymphatic points massage, acupressure, nutrition, holding reflex points, and Bach flower remedies.

What is energy medicine?

Sue BryantMatter follows energy, when your energies are vibrant, so is your body.  Energy is the invisible foundation of the body’s cells, organs, tissues and every other part of the physical structure.  Due to advances in technology energy medicine is now widely acknowledged within the scientific community .

Strongly influenced by Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine approach, this is a method of working with the body’s energy systems to promote well being.  It arises out of centuries of wisdom from different cultures around the world.

In order to overcome illness and maintain vibrant health, the body’s energies not only need to be moving freely but they also need to move in specific patterns and be in balance with all the other energies.  The system can often be thrown off balance through the stresses and strains of of daily life. Energetic imbalances can be assessed and restored using bio resonance and kinesiology techniques.