Bioresonance in Bristol & Bath

Bioresonance is a type of energy medicine that works with the body’s energy field (see below).  It is gentle, non invasive and conducted whilst fully clothed and sitting in a comfortable chair or a treatment couch.

What is Bioresonance?

If two identical tuning forks are placed in close proximity to each other and one of the forks is struck , it will begin oscillating at its own specific frequency, this will cause the other tuning fork to begin oscillating on its own accord without being struck.  This is resonance.

Bioresonance, bio-energetics,  and frequency medicine are interchangeable terms for the same thing.  In a nutshell everything has its own unique and measurable frequency. Each vitamin, mineral, herb, food item, virus, bacteria, chemical, body cell and organ, acupuncture point, chakra, colour, even emotions all have their unique frequencies.  When these frequencies are gently introduced to the body the system looks for resonances that give important clues as to what  is required to restore balance and health.

Bioresonance screening employs sophisticated technologies (Qest4 and Rayonex Polar 1000).  It is a gentle and non-invasive method of obtaining energetic information from the body about aspects of health.  Qest4 is the main technology used for assessments.  Readings are taken by holding two brass hand masses and tiny changes in the electrical resistance of the skin are monitored as different signals are output from the system.  If you are familiar with kinesiology (muscle testing), Qest works in a similar way but it is computerised, much faster and can often by-pass the need to test for muscle responses, the system effectively asks thousands of ‘questions’ of the body very quickly and allows the practitioner to build up a picture of the body’s responses to a wide variety of  electrical signatures.  Bioresonance is the concept that our bodies can recognise and respond positively to informational signals that have been tuned to our unique pattern of responses.  Having identified an individualised set of signatures the Qest4 system imprints a remedy which serves to feed back the signals or resonances identified during the assessment to help stimulate the natural healing process.


The Rayocomp PS 1000 Polar is a certified Class 2a medical device which delivers bioresonance  according to Paul Schmidt.  Paul Schmidt was a medical engineer who spent more than 50 years researching  and developing bioresonance technology.  During his research he noted that the normal frequencies of the body become distorted when the body is sick, he also realised that disease patterns began in the higher frequency range and then descended to lower frequency levels as the course of disease developed.  Paul Schmidt designed the Rayonex devices to generate resonance fields across the whole spectrum of frequency ranges (from hertz through to gigahertz) using safe and gentle natural sine wave forms to harmonise and restore imbalanced frequencies of the body, enabling the body to return to its optimum state of health.   Harmonisation sessions are regular treatments designed to address specific health conditions, they are treatment only sessions available for existing clients who have had a previous bioresonance assessment.  Using a wide range of researched and specifically developed frequency programmes available on the Rayocomp, these treatments provide targeted energetic support for a variety of health concerns without the need for more detailed analysis.  Harmonisation treatment sessions are available for:  Specific health conditions, energy balancing (revitalising cellular energy, and balancing the subtle energy flows of the chakras and acupuncture meridians), injury recovery, electro-sensitivity (for those who experience sensitivity and pain associated with exposure to the modern technologies that create electo-pollution such as wifi, mobile phones and smart meters, harmonisation helps to clear these burdens and restore balance and greater resilience).

Rayonex Polar 1000 Bio-resonance machine
Rayocomp PS 1000 Polar  
QEST4 Bioenergetic Screening System
QEST4 Bioenergetic Screening System