Each session will involve a bioresonance scan. This is a comprehensive scan that assesses the following:

  • Energetic imbalances in organ systems: the screening will identify which of the major organs are currently stressed or in a weakened state.  As organ systems are linked both physically and energetically, the scan can also indicate the root cause of the imbalance.
  • Nutritional needs and food sensitivities: identifies vitamin and mineral requirements, food sensitivities and malabsorption problems.  This provides the basis for appropriate vitamin and mineral supplementation, nutritional therapy and dietary advice, a vital foundation for healing.
  • Environmental sensitivities: improving overall health and the use of imprinted remedies can help with desensitization.
  • Toxic load: the presence of toxins and pathogens have a strong impact on the state of our health, it is important to support the main organs of elimination (liver, kidneys, lymphatics, lungs, skin) through the use of appropriate herbal and  vibrational remedies, supplementation, detoxification protocols, kinesiology and naturopathic techniques.
  • Emotional issues: emotional issues will impact the health  of the physical body.  Appropriate flower remedies are used along with various kinesiology techniques to help process and release unresolved emotions.
  • Other imbalances including:  Geopathic stress, electro-sensitivity, Chinese meridian and chakra energies, structural misalignments (which are referred to a suitably qualified practitioner), and dental issues.

The combination of bioresonance, kinesiology techniques and natural nutrition is extremely effective at improving existing health issues and is also used by health conscious individuals who wish to optimise and maintain their health and vitality.

This approach can help improve most problems including:

Food intolerances and other sensitivities, digestive problems, recurrent infections, skin conditions, asthma, eczema, irritability and mood swings, ADHD, weight control, chronic fatigue, chronic catarrh, post cancer treatment support, hypertension, arthritis, menstrual problems, menopause, and electrical sensitivity.

It is also highly recommended for pre-conceptual health (improving your health prior to conceiving will improve your chances of enjoying a healthier pregnancy and delivering a healthy happy baby).

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