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Electromagnetic pollution causes subliminal stress to the body.  This creates a continual disturbance to the sympathetic nervous system which elevates the fight/flight response and this in turn raises the level of stress hormone cortisol.  Fluctuations in cortisol lead to numerous health disorders – sleep problems, reduced immunity, cardiovascular disease, fluctuating blood sugar levels, mood disturbance, and autoimmune disease to name but a few.

Due to the escalating advances in wireless technology, we are all subjected to continual exposure to these artificial frequencies, and for a growing number of people this form of pollution has reached the point of toxicity.  The insidious nature of this type of pollution means that it can easily go undetected as either the underlying cause or a significant factor of a health disturbance.

“EMF may be the most significant form of pollution human activity has produced in this century, all the more dangerous because it is invisible and insensible”
Andrew Weil MD

Geopathic stress like Electromagnetic stress causes subliminal stress to the body. However, where it differs is that it is a completely natural phenomena.  There are places on Earth where it’s energies have a positive effect on health and there are other places where the energies have been distorted in some way causing a negative and detrimental effect upon health, if it happens to be in an area where someone spends a lot of time (eg sleeping area).

Geopathic stress occurs naturally where there is a geological fault, underground water, cavities or mineral masses.  Man made disturbances such as mining, underground pipes, and deep foundations for buildings can also create geopathic stress.  Furthermore there are naturally occurring electrically charged lines (rather like our meridian system) that form grids covering the Earth’s surface (Hartmann and Curry lines) and the points where these lines intersect can be a potential health hazard.  There are of course places where a number of geopathic stresses intersect and these areas would present an even greater health hazard.

Geopathic stress particularly affects, brain, heart, and cellular activity.  It suppresses the immune system, preventing the body from fighting off viruses, bacteria, and parasitic infections and making the body susceptible to allergies and sensitivity to electromagnetic pollution.  It hinders detoxification processes, disrupts chemical and electrical signalling in the body, and prevents optimal absorption of nutrients.  GS has been linked to cancer, leukaemia, ME, cot death, and infertility to name but a few health problems.

In his book ‘Are You Sleeping in a Safe Place’ Rolf Gordon states:

“Many therapists confirm that, when treating patients who continue to be affected by geopathic stress during periods of sleep, rest or work, the patient’s response to treatment is sluggish, or they reach a plateau beyond which they do not progress.  In other words no therapy works 100%”.

The GS & EMS TEST KIT is a unique tool which enables the practitioner to quickly and easily assess whether their client is geopathically stressed or has a sensitivity to electromagnetic pollution.  The kit consists of 10 ampoules, 2 to test for geopathic stress, and 7 that test for a general sensitivity to electrical appliances and cabling, GSM mobile phones and masts, UMTS mobile telephone systems (3rdgeneration), wi-fi, wi-max, blue tooth, and cordless phones.  A person who has a general sensitivity to electrical appliances could well be sensitive to other artificial or pulsed frequencies and the assessment using this test kit enables the practitioner to identify specific causal factors.  For example, a client with chronic fatigue was found to be sensitive to cordless phones, she had in fact installed and kept a cordless phone under her bed for the past 2 years (which happened to coincide with the emergence of her symptoms).  She immediately removed the cordless phone replacing it with a land line telephone, as a result she experienced dramatic improvements in her symptoms and health.  An additional unique feature of the test kit is that it contains a harmonising ampoule containing the frequencies to stimulate and regulate those bioenergetic frequencies of the body that have been weakened.  This ampoule can be used for corrections and to ascertain whether the client would benefit from the use of crystals imprinted with the same frequencies as the harmonising ampoule.  The benefits to the client in using these crystals is that they will continue to benefit on an ongoing basis.

Test kits are intended for use by kinesiologists and other professionals with the facility to energy test. They are supplied with full instructions. Use of the kits is particularly recommended for clients who display symptoms such as low energy, chronic health problems that seem resistant to medication or therapy, and those cases where it is proving difficult to get to the bottom of a health problem.

The ampoules contain samples of bioenergetic impressions.  They may be used as a means of obtaining information about the bioenergetic systems of the body.  Each ampoule contains triple distilled vodka and does not contain any biologically active ingredients.  Test kits are for diagnostic purposes only and are not for internal use.  They are intended for use within the scope of a professional practice.  They should be stored away from any strong electromagnetic fields. Test kits are not for re-sale.

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Using bioresonance technology, quartz crystals are imprinted with the same frequencies that are in the kinesiology test kit strengthening ampoule.  The frequencies are continually emitted from the crystals and work energetically to strengthen, balance and regulate the body and offer protection from geopathic stress and electro-pollution (EMS).  Wearing a crystal against the skin is ideal but is also effective if kept in close proximity to the body such as in a pocket or under the pillow.  The crystals can be used in a number of other ways:

  • A larger crystal can be placed in a water bottle/jug to energise drinking water.
  • A crystal can be placed into an old sock which is tied and placed under the pillow.
  • The small crystals beads can be stitched discreetly onto underwear, inside pockets, or onto babies/childrens clothing. One bead per item of clothing is sufficient.
  • A crystal can be placed into the bath water, this exposes the entire surface area of the body to the frequencies.

A question that is regularly asked is whether the crystals are still effective if they go into the wash and the answer is yes, the frequencies are retained by the crystals indefinitely and are not affected by water.

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Versatile little devices designed to work energetically to strengthen, balance and regulate the body.  They have been imprinted with specific frequencies to protect your energy field from geopathic stress and electro-pollution (EMS).  They can be used as an alternative to the crystals or in conjunction with the crystals.  They have an additional feature to the crystals in that they can actually be fixed to sources of EMS emissions to help block the negative energies (the crystals cannot be used in this way).  They can be attached to mobile phones or placed in the battery or SIM card compartment, placed on the wi-fi router, computer, light switches, or other electrical items to reduce toxic emissions in the home or work place.

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The basic food kit of 20 ampoules comes with a lidded storage box that holds 100 ampoules in an easy to see display tray.  The additional food kits can be added to make up a complete test kit.  Ampoules contain a solution of distilled water and alcohol which is imprinted with the energy patterns of various foods. 

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Bio-resonance technology can imprint certain substances with frequencies to stimulate and support the natural healing processes of the body.  In this case rock crystal is used as the medium to hold the frequencies because it is inherently neutral and has excellent properties of holding, transmitting and amplifying those frequencies.  In its own right it is also a powerful healing stone that has a fortifying effect on both the body and spirit.


The Pathogen Kit– A small box of 7 ampoules containing rock crystals imprinted with the regulating frequencies to support the body from a comprehensive range of pathogens.  It covers parasites, bacteria, viruses, protozoa, mites, moulds, fungi and yeasts.  In addition each ampoule is charged with the frequencies that support the immune system and detoxification pathways.

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The Five Elements Kit – A small box of 7 ampoules containing rock crystals imprinted with the regulating frequencies for every individual acupuncture point, spinal reflex points, and the organs and systems associated with each of the respective five elements Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire.  In addition there are ampoules with regulating frequencies for every individual acupuncture point on the Central and Governing meridians.  This is a useful kit for practitioners who prefer to work with the TCM Five Elements system and is also helpful for clients who regularly need electrical corrections.

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The General Health Kit – A small box of 10 ampoules containing rock crystals imprinted with the regulating frequencies to support the body with a range of health issues.  It includes: Digestive health, stress and depression, immune system, blood and circulation, allergy and addiction, detoxification, wounds, injury and inflammation, sleep regulation, hormone regulation (with additional chakra frequencies), and prostate health.

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As their names suggest these kits are intended as aids to support the healing process as opposed to being testing kits, they can be used in conjunction with other modes of support including emotional or nutritional etc.  When the practitioner has identified the causal factor or area of weakness using their normal test method, the relevant bio-energetic ampoule is placed on the body to ascertain if it strengthens the client.  On occasions it may be possible that frequencies from more than one ampoule may be needed but use of the priority mode will identify and refine the body’s main requirement.  If the ampoule is found to have a strengthening effect it can be placed on the client and used as part of the correction or balancing protocol.  If the client would like continued support between appointments they can go to the website and order an inexpensive rock crystal bead imprinted with the frequencies in that ampoule.  All the practitioner need do is provide the client with the name of the bead they require e.g. protozoa, wood element, hormone regulation etc.

LOOKING AFTER THE KITS – The frequencies remain in the kits indefinitely but it is recommended to store them away from magnets and electrical items as this could possibly cause damage.


The beads are made from clear rock crystal, 8 mm round with a large 2.5mm hole for ease of threading onto thin cord or elastic (available from the webshop).  Beads are imprinted with the same frequencies that are in the ampoules of the Bio-Energetic Kits. One bead is all that is needed and it ideally should be worn directly against the skin (ankle, wrist, or neck).  It should also be effective if carried in a pocket close to the body.

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