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Hi, my name is Sue and I’m here to support you to be healthy…naturally.

I offer natural, holistic and drug free therapies to improve and optimise your health.

Are you fed up with feeling unwell? Have you been told ‘there is nothing wrong with you’ but you know you are not imagining your symptoms? Has a conventional approach not adequately addressed your problem?  Symptoms can be niggling or intolerable, they can impact our everyday life and make us feel miserable but they are the body’s only way of telling us something is out of balance.

The conventional approach to health tends to be based on symptom management with medication, it rarely addresses the actual cause of the symptom and begs the question as to whether this is truly the way to better health? In contrast, a natural and holistic approach is one that treats the individual and not just their symptoms, it looks deeper to identify and then correct the underlying causes in order to reverse the symptoms.

We are all unique and therefore the underlying causes will be different for each person and bio-resonance is a great method of identifying where the problems lie and can also help strengthen the body to facilitate the body’s natural healing ability to restore it to it’s natural state of health and wellbeing.

Whatever your problem it needn’t be a life sentence, you deserve to feel good and enjoy life to the full!

I can help with: digestive discomfort, nausea, constipation, diarrhoea, bloating, reflux, and embarrassing gas, also fatigue, low immunity (always going down with something), allergies, catarrh, rhinitis, mood swings, behavioural issues such as irritability, memory and concentration issues, hyperactivity, headaches, brain fog, stress reduction/relaxation techniques, asthma, acne, eczema and other skin problems, pain reduction, menstrual and menopausal issues and preconceptual care to optimise health for fertility and a healthy pregnancy.

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Complementary Therapy in Wick, Bristol with Sue Bryant

I use effective therapies to address the underlying cause of your issue, rather than just plastering over your symptoms.  I treat you, the individual, not your illness.  I work with warmth and compassion to support your journey back to health and vitality, by using a combination of nutrition therapybioresonance, energy medicine and kinesiology.

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About Sue

I first discovered the therapies I now practice when I was dealing with a debilitating health issue over 20 years ago that was not helped through conventional medicine. I was so awestruck by the effectiveness of bioresonance and naturopathic approaches that I went on to study them in order to help others on their journey to health.

Through both my personal journey and my training, I can share a wealth of knowledge and techniques to help you to optimise your health and bring vibrancy to your life.

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Supporting your health at the most profound energetic level in an increasingly challenging world.

In the shop, you will find a range of health products to help you with the stresses of modern life. These products include;  Bio-Energetic solutions, Energy Balancing Kits, Crystals and Harmonising Chips, and therapeutic products and tools for practitioners of energy medicine.

If you are an Energy Medicine Practitioner, you will find a unique range of products in the shop to enhance your practice.

If you have been directed to the shop by your therapist you will find recommended health products such as Bio-Energetic Solutions, Harmonising Chips, and Crystals.

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A free 10 minute telephone call can be arranged if you would like to discuss how my approach could help.

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